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Here to Help You Promote Healthier Choices in the School Environment

Max is your Partner for Healthy Choices

We all know how important it is to give our children healthy choices and we know how nutrition and proper eating impacts health and learning ... that’s one of the reasons we came up with the idea to make 100% natural, whole-fruit frozen bars we knew our kids (and yours) would love. Made locally on the North Shore, these bars are packed with vitamins, have very few calories and only a touch of added sugar.

The Options
Why not replace Freezie Friday fundraisers with MaxFrut? Call it MaxFrut Fridays, and the kids will be hooked! Or why not include our Choose Most - Milk and Berries Half Max Bar or Ice Cream (We want our kids to know that there are delicious options out there to replace some of the unhealthy, sugar-laden snacks that they have become accustomed to, so email us to find out more about our available school programs*).

The Facts
MaxFrut bars are made from 100% whole, real fruit that is minimally processed (not puréed) with no juice sweeteners added. We use only natural ingredients. Fresh or fresh frozen whole fruit and absolutely NO artificial flavors or colors.

email us for list of available flavors for schools, price lists, and complete nutritional information.

*presented as a part of the MaxFrut's socially responsible business initiative, donating our time and profits for local school fundraising campaigns. 
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